Hey Kids! I thought I'd mix things up a little bit today and do a post on activewear. 

Activewear has evolved so much in the last few years, even spawning an entire new "genre" with athleisure. Garments have become incredibly versatile, technical, practical, and fashionable. Seriously! A quick browse through Carbon 38 should convert any skeptics out there. I love how much room there is is for self expression and how easy it is to transition from studio to street. 

I first saw this Lisa Marie Fernandez jumpsuit on display in Selfridges back in May and fell in love immediately. The kind of love where I'm still pining over the prohibitively expensive piece of workout wear five months later. 

I chose to style it for pilates because that is my jam, but it would work well for a number of lower impact activities like yoga, barre, dance, aerial, hiking... Or you could add a sports bra underneath for more aggressive fitness routines. And while I only own one at the moment, I actually prefer a jumpsuit for pilates because it's easier to see your form, it gives you a little extra support for your core, and you don't have any extra fabric swallowing up your face during inversions. If you're a yoga fan you know what I'm talking about there.

On to the looks!

Pilates Style



Here I embraced the active look. I'd wear this quick and comfy look to and from class and perhaps to grab a juice afterward. I love a good baseball cap to keep post workout hair in check and the sun off of my face. 

Pilates and Go



This is a dressier version. I'd wear this when I have to go straight from class to running errands or meeting a friend for a coffee. In Los Angeles, I would feel totally comfortable running around the city in either of these. 

What are some of your workout essentials? Do you feel more excited to workout when you're rockin an awesome new piece of activewear?


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