I took a trip out to Hidden Valley (no relation to famed salad dressing) to visit my horse today. Did I mention I have a horse? I have a horse. He's retired now, but he put up with my competitive show jumping years like a champ. When we arrived he was grazing a far corner of the field so I decided to snap a few outfit photos while we waited for him to grace us with his presence.

This skirt was a recent Goodwill find and I absolutely love it. It's an olive green silk with a light snakeskin pattern running through it embellished with clear sequins and a soft denim waistband. 

The gorilla shirt is from Forever 21 but I've had it for years. It's definitely seen better days but I love the graphic too much to part with it. How badass is that gorilla? 

The shoes are Ash. I've had them for years as well and they never seem to go out of style. I normally wear a heeled sandal with this skirt but since I was going to a barn I needed something that could handle a bit of dirt and gravel. I think they work well with the fun/funky tone of the outfit. 

I capped off the look with a pair of classic Ray-Ban wayfarers and a couple silver rings.

Do you have any older pieces you just can't part with?


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One thought on “Monkey Business”

  1. Great Stuff!!!! Perfect for the trendy millennial.

    Whose the model? Does she do freelance print work?

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