Blue Bell Sleeves



As a lover of vintage fashion, I've been delighted by the 60s and 70s influence we've been seeing in recent trends. I'm particularly taken with the bell sleeve, and am ready to carry it over into fall and winter. 

The bell sleeve is an incredibly wearable and flattering trend, elongating arms and balancing the shoulders with their volume. You can go subtle or dramatic with the flare originating anywhere from the elbow to the wrist. The variations are almost endless.  Romantic, modern, gothic, retro, minimalist, blouses, sweaters, dresses, dressy, casual... Whatever the occasion, whatever your personal style, there's probably a bell sleeve out there to suit it. I've even seen it make it's way into activewear. 

Bonus, and why I really love bell sleeves, is that they're a blast to wear! I feel chic in them with minimal styling, and there's something about the way all that billow fabric moves that makes me feel like a million bucks. And that's what fashion is all about, isn't it? At least for me it is.

Are you into them too? How do you incorporate them into your personal style?




Check out some sleeve inspo below:


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